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 Заголовок сообщения: How to register?
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Although in this topic you needn't be registered to write your message we suggest your registering to be a real user of our forum.
Unfortunately, the registration is in Russian and so we will explain how to register.

1) Please, push the button "Регистрация" on the top of the forum (the fifth word from left to right)

2) After that you will see the note which tells you the rules of our forum. According to them you mustn't write any insulting, threatening, slanderous, pornographic messages and any appeals to national hostility. In the case of doing it you will be excluded from this forum.
•If you agree with our rules and you are 13 or older, please push the first button - "Я согласен с этими условиями и мне 13 лет или больше"
•If you agree to our rules and you are less than 13, please push the second button – "Я согласен с этими условиями и мне меньше 13 лет"
•If you don’t agree to our rules, please push the last button "Я не согласен с этими условиями".

3) If you choose the first or the second variant you will go to the next page of registration.
The spaces marked * are obligatory for filling in.

- In the first space «Имя» you should write your name or a nickname.
- In the second space write your e-mail. We need it just for the registration.
- In the next space «Пароль» please write your password.
- In the forth space «Подтвердите пароль» write it again to confirm your password.
- Then fill in the fifth space. Write there the letters or/and the numbers on the picture above.

All information in the spaces below in the section “Профиль” (Profile) will be in open access.

- ICQ Number
- AIM Address
- MSN Messenger
- Yahoo Messenger
- Сайт – address of your site
- Откуда – place (city, country) where you live
- Род занятий - occupation
- Интересы – your interests and hobbies
- Подпись – your signature. Length of your signature mustn’t exceed 255 symbols.

The next section “Личные настройки” regulates your personal options.

- If you want everybody to know your e-mail address please mark with a tick the answer «Да» (Yes) or mark the answer «Нет» (No) if you don’t.
- If you want to conceal your being here answer «Да» or «Нет» if you don’t.
- If you want to know about new answers in any topic with the help of e-mail push «Да» or «Нет» if you needn’t know about.
- If you want to be informed about your new private messages push «Да» or «Нет» if you don’t want.
- To open or not the new window getting a new private message? Choose «Да» or «Нет»
- Do you want your signature always be added?
- BBCode is always switched on?
- HTML is always switched on?
- Smiley is always switched on?
- Choose the language of the forum.
- Interface of our forum (although we have just one)
- Choose your time zone.
- Choose the format of a date

Push the button «Отправить» (Send)

We hope our explanation helped you. If it doesn't you can ask somebody to help you anytime))

Good luck!!!

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